A Message from Ms. Mitchell

26 May, 2020 Dear Students, As a result of the school closure, the annual Erin's Law guidance lesson (Safer & Smarter Kids!) was unable to be completed in your classrooms. During these lessons, you are taught about your Trusted Triangles, Safety Networks, and appropriate body boundaries. Should you have any questions about these topics, or if you have any concerns, please use the following contact information (and don't forget to also tell someone in your Trusted Triangle!). South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS), 1-888-CARE4US (888- 227-3487). Be safe and have a wonderful summer, Ms. Mitchell

Attention Families In Need:

If your family is in need of resources that are directly related to the well-being of your student(s), please inform the school counselor for assistance.

By law, families that lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence may have certain rights and protections. Please contact the school counselor if you believe your family qualifies based on these criteria.

Safety Patrol

Reminders for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students participating on Safety Patrol:

Please be at school beginning at 7:10 on your assigned day for duty!

Please eat breakfast prior to going outside!